Pennsylvania Fishing Report – December 9, 2022


Northeastern Region

Wyoming and Southwest Susquehanna County

The Susquehanna River is running at a good level for late season fishing. Walleye and Smallmouth Bass are being caught on jigs and jerkbaits fished slowly and seasoned anglers are catching a good number of larger fish as well. Proper warm weather outerwear and patience is a requirement to catch fish at this time of year.

On the warmer days a few trout have been caught at Lake Winola on paste bait or other live bait trolled slowly. Nice sized fish up to 18 inches have been caught.

Pike and Wayne County

Most bodies of water in the district have not frozen over yet. But in the coming months, some bodies of water will freeze, and they will become fantastic ice fishing spots. The Shohola Reservoir is a popular ice fishing destination.

Before going out on the ice, you will need an auger to drill a hole in the ice to determine how thick it is. Don’t venture out on the ice if the thickness is less than 4 inches. The thicker the better. You’ll also need special fishing poles; and a fish finder/depth finder makes the experience a lot more fun. Go to your local bait and tackle store and have an associate help you pick the gear that is right for you.

In addition to the fishing supplies, you should wear warm clothing to include wool socks, a knit cap, and heavy pant and jacket layers. If you can set up a tent on the ice, that’s even better. Be sure to bring cleats for your boots as they will help prevent slipping. And bring ice awls to help you escape the ice water in case you fall; the ice awls could be the difference between life and death. Always tell someone that you will be out on the ice, but it’s best to go with at least one other person.

Northern Wayne County

As another winter holiday approaches, this is great opportunity to obtain fishing licenses, permits and vouchers so that everyone, new or experienced, can get an early head start on the fishing season. Not to mention that these are great gift ideas for the Christmas holiday. Nevertheless, winter brings ample fishing opportunities that can be spent on the lakes once the ice takes over. So, find a buddy and head out on the frozen lakes and make a memory. Where you can catch fish, drink hot chocolate or coffee and eat that deer meat from the successful deer season.

Once the lakes freeze over, remember that when you drill a hole, it can be no larger than 10 inches in diameter and no more than five fishing devices per angler. As a courteous gesture, mark the hole by placing something near it so that other fishermen are aware as these ice fishing holes can be known to cause injury. Some of the best ice fishing is done with jigs whether it be artificial or live bait. Check your local tackle shops as these places have pre-made jigs to help you get started on the ice. Good luck and stay warm.

During the winter months, boating is typically seized considering the cold temperatures and ice taking on the lakes. However, this is a great opportunity to look over your boat and inspect it for any aquatic hitchhikers that may still be attached and prepare for the next boating season by checking the expiration, wear, and tear of all the gear needed and required by law when boating. Additionally, with the New Year right around the corner, is a great time to review the boating handbook or take a boating safety course so that by the summer, you are fully aware of all the necessary boating rules to stay safe on the water.

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