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The National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) is a nonprofit trade association that was established in 1969 to address the needs and concerns of minority contractors. While membership is open to people of all races and ethnic backgrounds, the organization's mandate, "Building Bridges - Crossing Barriers," focuses on construction industry concerns common to African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans,

Members not only avail themselves of basic services, but also actively participate in NAMC's Midwinter and Annual Conferences, held every year in March and June, respectively, in a new city around the country, Members also take advantage of the Fall Chapter Retreat held annually in Washington, D.C. NAMC's regular meetings provide excellent opportunities for participants to gather cutting-edge information, help shape the direction of the organizations, and compare notes with their industry friends, associates and business acquaintances.

Covering 49 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands, NAMC's membership base includes general contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, manufacturers, suppliers, local minority contractor associations, state and local governmental organizations, attorneys, accountants, and other professionals, Organizational funding comes from membership dues, Federal and state government grants, and private sector grants and contributions.


  • Provide education and training to minority contractors in construction.
  • Promote the economic and
    legal interest of minority
    contracting firms.
  • Advocate law and government actions, which meet the concerns of minority contractors.
  • Bring about more equitable and wider procurement and business opportunities for minority contractors.
  • Reduce and remove the barriers to full equality, which confront minority contractors.
  • Build bridges between minority contractors and the parties and entities with which they must work.
  • Create a forum for sharing information, developing and maintaining the highest professional standards and mutual support.


'NAMC carries out its commitment to information-sharing and outreach in a number of ways that bring members more closely in touch with critical industry issues affecting their everyday business operations, In addition to hosting three membership conferences a year, NAMC publishes and disseminates information through a number of channels. These channels include:

  • Regular Educational Seminars, and Courses
  • Procurement Information Bulletins,
  • Legal and Legislative Briefs and Updates,
  • Industry ALERTs and News Releases, and
  • The monthly newsletter, "Building Concerns"

The organization is currently in the process of establishing on-line access to membership services, and should soon have in place faster channels on the "Information Superhighway" for disseminating information to members.


As an advocate for minority contractors, NAMC actively monitors legal and legislative issues at the Federal, state and local levels. The organization acts as the eyes and ears of its members, and regularly reports through Chapters on key issues affecting minority contractors' business operations,

NAMC continues to seek legislative action on minority business issues which include Affirmative Action compliance, the Miller Act, the Davis-Bacon Act and Procurement Reform, The organization had advocated hard for changes in a range of these and other laws that hinder minority business access to, or prevent minority business growth in, the nation's $400 billion/year construction industry.


One of the NAMC's primary objectives is the development of training programs designed to enhance the competitive viability of minority contractors, NAMC has worked with every major federal government agency, including the development of Commerce's Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) and the U,S, Department of Transportation, in the development and implementation of training programs for minority and women contractors, These training programs allow them a better opportunity to procure contracts in both the public and private sector.

NAMC, since 1986, with grants from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has trained over three thousand minority and women contractors in the fields of Asbestos Abatement, Lead-Based Paint Abatement, Radon, Superfund/ Hazardous Waste Management and Underground Storage Tanks. As a result of this training, a much larger pool of minority and female contractors is available to perform work in the environmental field. A course catalog of NAMC Environmental Training programs is available upon request.


Major Corporate Partners

NAMC feels that contracting opportunities for minority businesses will increase through a cooperative working relationship with major corporations and a majority of contractors who are committed to the growth and expansion of all minority businesses. Such a relationship exists within NAMC's Major Corporate Partners (MCP) Program.

The MCP Program is an integral part of the services provided to our membership and our interrelated activities assist the MCP representatives in the design of ideas, establishment of workshops and seminars, and the formulation of operable compliance programs.


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